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In addition to the conference social activities (welcome party, gala dinner, entertainment shows and soft animations at the venue hotel), the following social program and tours are on demand with payment. Supermag Inc. is the Official Organization Support & Handling Company of ICSM. For details of the daily tours and pre/post conference tours please see information below.

Tour Option 1

Telmessos Ancient City

Telmessos was a flourishing city in the west of Lycia, on the Gulf of Fethiye. It was famed for its school of diviners, consulted among others by the Lydian king Croesus, prior to declaring war against Cyrus, and by Alexander the Great, when he came to the town after the siege of Halicarnassus.
As mentioned in the ancient sources, there was a big theatre in Telmessos. During the drill excavations carried on by the Directorate General of Fethiye Museum in 1993, seats of the theatre were found 3-4 meters under the soil layers formed because of erosion. After the excavations concluded in 1995, all the extant remains of the theatre were
re-surfaced. Built in the early Roman Period and repaired in 2000 AD, it is known that the theatre with a capacity of 5000 seats was used as an arena. At present, the theatre has a seating capacity of 1500 people.



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Tour Option 2

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley Turkey is one of the most attractive places in the surroundings of Fethiye. Butterfly Valley in 1995 was declared as nature reserve and is completely closed for construction. Butterfly Valley in Fethiye (Kelebekler Vadisi in Turkish) near famous Oludeniz Beach is one of the most magical and beautiful bays of Turkey. It is located on the western coast of the Gulf of Belceiz close to Oludeniz and you can get there by boat only.

Its romantic name the valley got due to the extraordinarily beautiful tiger butterfly of the «Arctiidae» family. Most of tiger butterflies can be seen in early June. Colonies of these fascinating moths are flitting in a protected valley until late October. Almost all species of butterflies that live on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea can be found in the Butterfly Valley Fethiye Turkey.

In order to fully enjoy the beauty of these moths and take some memorable pictures of beautiful nature reserve you need to go to one of the waterfalls in the Butterfly Valley in Oludeniz Turkey. The numerous trails lead from coast to waterfalls meandering among the impeccably beautiful scenery. By selecting one of them you can get to the second waterfall among the fragrant aromas of herbs and flowers. All along the way you will see a lot of bright butterflies that take off to the air with your appearance forming a living cloud.

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Tour Option 3

Bodrum Castle-City Tour

St Peter’s Castle Elegantly standing guard on the shore, this well-preserved castle is an essential stop for those keen to bask in a beautiful monument to Turkey’s past. Within there are many artifacts found in the local area. The castle’s tall tower looks out over the horizon and offers excellent views of the land and sea. It would be our particular recommendation to schedule your visit for later in the afternoon, not only for the cooler weather but to witness a breathtaking sunset from the tower.
One place of Bodrum that no visitor to this great city should miss is the famous Bodrum Castle, which overlooks the harbor and the international marina. This castle was constructed by the Knights of Rhodes in the 15th century during the crusades of the middle ages, and it was given the name The Castle of St. Petrus, or Petronium.
Another great blue sea view from the top of Bodrum Castle Occupying over 30.000 square feet at its base, construction of this castle took years to complete. The castle was built partly from the left remains of the mausoleum of Mausolus which had collapsed as the result of an earthquake. The huge exterior walls were designed in the early 15th century by the German architect Heinrich Schlegelholt and were strengthened by five towers known usually as the English tower, the Italian tower, the German tower, the French tower and the Snake tower. The French tower of the castle is thought to be the earliest one with the others being added during the following century. After the French Tower The Italian tower was built in 1436 by Italian architect Angelo Mascettola. The final parts of the castle were erected in the time of Pierre d’Abusson between 1476 and 1593, with the English tower being added at around 1480. Towers of the St. Peters Castle, Bodrum The walls of the Bodrum castle contain the nearly 250 coats of arms and armorial bearings of many of the knights that served there. Captured in 1522 by the Ottomans during the reign of Kanuni Sultan Suleyman, the church on the castle was converted into a mosque.
Bodrum Castle has a square-like plan. The castle’s dimensions are 590 x 606 feet (180×185 m), and it’s highest point is 155.8 feet (47.5 m) above sea level. The entrance of the castle is through the first door situated in the northwestern corner. There are 7 doors before you reach the inner castle. The northern and western sides are double-walled. The thick walled structure with a sloping roof at the west side is a cannon blockhouse. All the towers and various places in the Castle of Bodrum have been converted into exhibition halls for the Underwater Archaeology Museum.
The Bodrum Castle is open to the public and it houses Bodrum’s remarkable Museum of Underwater Archaeology and also hosts several Turkish cultural festivals throughout the year.

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Tour Option 4


Dalyan is about 75 km away from the Venue Hotel. Visit Dalyan a beautiful rural unspoilt town. Explore the surrounding areas including the spectacular Iztuzu Beach, the last nesting area for the Caretta caretta.

This tour will bring you on a unique journey through Dalyan and the surrounding areas. Dalyan is a uniquely beautiful small town unspoiled by buildings. The Iztuzu Beach which is located 7kilometers away is accessible by a 45 minute boat trip. The beach is famed as one of the last nesting areas for the Caretta caretta Sea Turtles. Between May and September, the female turtles come to the beach to lay their eggs, care for them and finally take their young to sea.

The tour will take you on a 15-minute boat trip to the sulpher baths which is a unique and rewarding experience. The mud at the baths contains sulpher and other elements which are beneficial to your skin and make you feel refreshed and revitalized. There is a small spa here where you can relax and be pampered.

The next stop is Caunos, the ancient city located near modern Dalyan. Caunos was founded in the 9th Century BC. Once a Mediterranean city port, it now lies several kilometers from the sea, due to silt build up from the Dalyan River. Caunos is famous for its rock-cut tombs. These tombs were graves for the kings and gentry of the city. As the pagans believed in resurrection, they placed food, money, jewellery and other valuables at the entrance of the tombs. Unfortunately, due to grave robbing, these items do not remain today.

See theseswonderful historical sights and allow our guides to bring you back in time with their knowledge and stories of the past.

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Tour Option 5

Fethiye Museum

The Museum has two exhibition halls namely, Archaeology Hall and Ethnography Hall. In the Archaeology Hall, there are ceramic works and statues. Among these, there is a Young Girl’s Statue with a Dove and a trilingual stele, which has played an important role to analyse the Lycian language. Hand woven works special to the region, silver jewellery and dastar (head scarf) loom are exhibited in the Ethnography Hall. In the open exhibition, big stone works of art, tombs and Izraza Monument can be seen. The Museum is open everyday except Monday from 09.00 to 18.00.


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Tour Option 6

Lykia Road

The Lykia Road, starting from Fethiye reaching to Antalya, covering the Teke peninsula known as Lykia in history, is on the top ten list for the best long distance trekking roads in the world. The trail consists mainly of Roman roads, old footpaths and mule trails, often hard and stony underfoot.
You’ll go through rocky coastline, deserted beaches, pine forests, mountain peaks, and ancient ruins. Along the way you’ll encounter the charming and generous Turkish people and float in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Tour Option 7

Blue Lagoon

Ölüdeniz (literally Dead Sea, due to its calm waters even during storms; official translation name Blue Lagoon) is a small neighbourhood and beach resort in the Fethiye district of Muğla Province, on the Turquoise Coast of southwestern Turkey, at the conjunction point of the Aegean and Mediterranean sea. It is located 14 km to the south of Fethiye, near Mount Babadağ.

It has a sandy bay at the mouth of Ölüdeniz, on a blue lagoon. The beach itself is a pebble beach. The lagoon is a national nature reserve and construction is strictly prohibited. The seawater of Ölüdeniz is famous for its shades of turquoise and aquamarine, while its beach is an official Blue Flag beach.

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Tour Option 8


There is one of the highest commercial take-off sites in the world – Babadag Mountain located near the Oludeniz beach and Hisaronu. If you wonder how high is Babadag Mountain then we need to notice that the Fethiye Oludeniz paragliding height is about 6500 ft (1960 m). Breathtaking panorama and stable weather conditions make launch site for Turkey paragliding from Babadag Oludeniz Mountain the best in Europe for tandem Ftehiye Oludeniz paragliding in Turkey. During the Babadag paragliding Oludeniz flight you will experience exciting 360 degrees turns, wingovers and even thermal flows that may extend the descent. Contrary to popular belief Oludeniz paragliding in Fethiye does not imply just a jump from the height of almost 2 kilometers but the several steps run to take off to the sky. Landing on the Oludeniz beach is as easy as taking off from Babadag Mountain – no rapid decline but just gentle touch down. All pilots are professionals with years of mount Babadag paragliding (parascending) experience so the tandem flight with the pilot is completely safe. You are insured from the moment you get on the transport truck that will take you to the launch site to landing on the Oludeniz beach.

Enjoy breathtaking tandem Oludeniz paragliding Turkey flight with an experienced pilot. Fly along one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey – Olu Deniz. Total airborne time is 25-30 minutes. During the Fethiye paragliding in Oludeniz Turkey you will have enough time to enjoy bird’s-eye views of stunning famous Blue Lagoon and gently land on the Oludeniz beach.

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