Registration Fee Early Rates Before Feb 21, 2023 Late Rates Before March 17, 2023 On-site After March 17, 2023
Regular 600€ 690€ 815€
Invited/Session Chairs 450€ 550€ 680€
Reduced Fee* 450€ 550€ 680€
Student 390€ 450€ 520€
Retiree 360€ 425€ 485€
Accompany** 130€ 170€ 210€
Supplement*** 170€ 170€ 170€

* To be eligible for the reduced fee, one of the following two conditions must be fulfilled. 1- Your affiliation could be listed among the countries with coordination offices of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency. Please check the following link:

2- If you are a citizen of a country with a GDP per Capita less than 7500 USD. (Please check:

**Please note that ‘accompanying person fees’ do not include attendance to the scientific, poster, and technical sessions. The fee has been set to the lowest possible value to favor more participation opportunities with the enhanced social programs for the companions.  

***External Participants (In case The Venue Hotel is fully booked and/or another hotel is preferred without any notification to the hotel management) are required to make an additional payment of 170 Euros, the rooms at the hotel may run out as they work on first come first served basis! Early booking is strongly advised for accommodation at the Venue Hotel. 

Registration fees for Delegates include:

  • Admission to all scientific sessions
  • Admission to the poster  and technical exhibition
  • Conference materials (badge, delegate bag, scientific program book and abstract book)
  • Networking and Panel Discussions
  • Organizational Costs

Due to the hybrid nature of the conference, we provide all the registered participants with various privileges granted!   The tradition and the spirit of the conference will be kept unchanged to be beneficial & rewarding scientifically for all!

Registration fees for accompanying persons include:

  • Social Program
  • Organizational Costs

**Please note that ‘accompanying person fees’ do not include attendance to the scientific, poster, and technical sessions. The fee has been set to the lowest possible value to favor more participation opportunities with the enhanced social programs for the companions.  

The explanation for Venue Hotel Reservations:

The rooms will be served on a first come first serve basis, with priority given to our senior delegates. In order to reserve a room at the Venue Hotel at the conference rates, you are kindly urged to complete your registration. If your arrival is early in the day and you prefer to have access to your room before 3 May 2023, we shall need your travel details well in advance to guarantee immediate access. Likewise, for late departures, reserving additional dates will guarantee your room until you leave the Hotel. If you choose not to reserve, it is possible to store your bags in the hotel for any late-check-outs. To guarantee a room at the venue hotel, a deposit of 100 Euros is necessary, and this amount can be added to the registration fee. In case your travel plan is already fixed you can pay a whole accommodation cost together with the registration fee.

Please inform us of your travel plan well in advance as May is the beginning of the high season for tourism in Fethiye/Oludeniz.

Important Notices:

1- Minimum Stay of Two nights is required at the Venue Hotel; Liberty Lykia Hotel, Fethiye-Ölüdeniz/Muğla!

2- External Participants as listeners (wishing to stay beyond the venue hotel) are required to pay for a daily 90Euros for access to the hotel facilities with ultra-all inclusive usage!!

3- Budget accommodation or other types of accommodation is to be booked via the organizers, otherwise the hotel management may either refund the money paid to any other travel agency, or there would be unavoidable problems in the booking of the accommodation!!!

4- Accommodation booking will only be possible after the registration is completed with the required payment accordingly. 

On-Line Registration

Please click to the link in your personal account for on-line registration. After this mentioned date, only on-site registration is possible. Please read the registration terms and conditions outlined below before registering.

Registration: Terms and Conditions

  • You can take advantage of early registration discounted fees only if both online registrations with payment are complete by 21 February 2023.
  • No registration can be assumed as valid without payment.
  • The deadline for the Late Registration fee is 10 March 2023.
  • If you are entitled to pay a student fee, please remember that you must provide appropriate documentary evidence. STUDENTS should provide a copy of their valid student ID card together with their registration details. Please send all documentary evidence to registrat[email protected] (Mr. Serdar Öncül & Ms. Özge Kurtbolat).
  • In case you are not able to complete your online registration for some reason, please inform our Registrar, Mr. Serdar Öncül & Ms. Özge Kurtbolat via e-mail.
  • If you are unable to attend the conference you can cancel your registration, within certain limits and conditions (see the Cancellation Policy terms below).
  • Name changes will be allowed no later than 31 March 2023.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the registrant to obtain a valid visa prior to departure from his/her Country.
  • The conference organizers accept no responsibility or liability for incidents occurring before during or after conference activities. Registrants should ensure they have adequate insurance.
  • The conference organizers collect and store your personal information in order to process your registration and to include your contact details in icsm2023 Conference publications.

Cancellation Policy

  • Registration and hotel fees will be entitled to a 50% refund of the amount paid (net of bank charges). The deadline to claim a refund is 24 March 2023*. Cancellations received after the mentioned deadline will not be eligible for any refund. Only a substitute may be allowed to participate.
  • The participant who made a request for a refund accepted that the costs of all banks and intermediary institutions would be covered by the amount.
  • It is planned to put in a process refund payment at the end of the Conference, in June 2023.

Method of Payment

All payments are in Euros (EUR). Euro is the only accepted currency. There are two ways of payment;

  1. By bank transfer. Details of a bank account are provided under the “Make Payment” button with instructions at the personal ICSM Web account.
  2. By credit card via a mail-order form (Visa, and MasterCard only), the form is downloadable under the “Make Payment” button from your personal ICSM Web account.

The bank’s fees for the money transfer must be paid by the sender. If the amount you send is incorrect and not sufficient to cover your registration fee your registration will not be valid. In the Reason for payment, please write your NAME as well as the Registration ID. Only in this way, it will be possible to match your payment with your registration.

Cash and credit card payments will be also available for on-site payments.

On-Site Registration

  • On-site registrations will start on 04 May 2023
  • You can pay by credit card only (Visa or MasterCard) or by cash (Euro is the only accepted currency).
  • We regret to inform you that payments by check are not accepted.