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World Renowned Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Amit Goyal

University at Buffalo, USA

Optimizing Flux-pinning via Engineering Nanoscale Defects in Coated Conductors

Antonio Bianconi


Complexity and Spin-Orbit Coupling Favoring High Tc Superconductivity in Natural and Artificial Heterostructures

Changyoung Kim

Seoul National University, South Korea

Searching for New Electronic Properties in Ultrathin Films of Correlated Materials via in situ ARPES

Hiroshi Kageyama

Kyoto University, Japan

On the Low temperature Synthesis Routes in Designing New Materials for Ultimate Applications in Superconductive and Magnetic Materials

Irfan Siddiqi

UC Berkeley, USA

Quantum Dynamics of Simultaneously Measured Non-Commuting Observables

Ivan Bozovic

Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA

HTS Cuprates: New Advances Toward Understanding and Applica-tions

Joel S. Miller

The University of Utah, USA

Organic-based Magnets - New Magnetic Materials for this Millennium

Masahiro Yamashita

Tohoku University, Japan

Molecular Spin Qubits for Quantum Computer and High-Density Memory Devices Based on Molecular Magnets

Miguel Angel Alario Franco

Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

The HP Synthesis of HTS Cuprates, with the whole family of lanthanides (RE), such as MSr(2)RECu(2)O(8) with M <> Ru, Cr & Ir

Roland Wiesendanger

University of Hamburg, Germany

Bottom-up Design of Unconventional Superconductivity in Magnet-Superconductor Hybrid Systems

Susie Speller

University of Oxford, UK

Advances in Radiation Damage of Coated Conductors for Fusion Energy

Stuart Parkin

Max Planck Institute, Germany

Chiral Spintronics

Valerii Vinokur

Terra Quantum AG, Switzerland

Prospects for Quantum Medicine

Yanwei Ma

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Recent Advances in Iron-Based Superconducting Materials

Ziad Melhem

Oxford Quantum Solutions Ltd, UK

Superconducting Global Alliance for zero emission targets by 2050

Half Plenary Speakers

Kevin Garello

SPINTEC Grenoble, France

Spin-orbit torque switching of magnetic tunnel junctions for memory applications

Masamitsu Hayashi

The University of Tokyo, Japan

Spin and orbital currents in Dirac semimetals and topological insulators

Neven Barisic

University of Zagreb, Croatia & Institute of Solid State Physics, TU Wien, Austria

Experimentally Established Universal and Non-Universal Properties that Define the Physics of Cuprates

Oleksandr Dobrovolskiy

University of Vienna, Austria

Ultra-fast Vortex Dynamics in Nanoengineered Superconductors

Ryan Baumbach

Florida State University, USA

Design of Strongly Correlated Quantum Materials

Victor Laliena

University of Zaragoza, Spain

Control of spin waves by one-dimensional magnetic solitons

Vladimir Fomin

Leibniz IFW Dresden, Germany - Moldova State University, Moldova

Superconductor 3D Nanoarchitectures: Topological and Geometrical Effects

Keynote/Invited Speakers

Akashdeep Kamra

Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain

Nonreciprocal magnon transport and Hanle effect in hematite

Akiyasu Yamamoto

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

Data driven processing and record trapped field properties of iron-based superconductors

Alejandro Silhanek

Université de Liège, Belgium

Domino Effect of Thermomagnetic Instabilities in Superconducting Films with Multiply-Connected Topological Structures

Alexander Chernyshev

University of California, Irvine, USA

Roller-Coaster in a Flatland: Magnetoresistivity in Eu-intercalated Graphite

Alexander Ovchinnikov

Ural Federal University, Russia

Dark Discrete Breather Modes in a Monoaxial Chiral Helimagnet with Easy-Plane Anisotropy

Alexander Shengelaya

Tbilisi State University, Georgia

Polaronic charge carriers and superconductivity in oxygen-deficient tungsten oxides

Alexander Vasiliev

National University of Science and Technology ``MISiS``, Russia

Square Kagome Lattice

Alexander Bobkov

ISSP, Chernogolovka, Russia

Composite magnons in S/F and S/AF thin-film heterostructures

Alexey Berdyugin

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Novel Electronic Properties of Dirac Plasma

Alexey Mironov

Terra Quantum AG, Switzerland

The effect of laser light on cooper-pair insulator

Alvar Sanchez

University of Barcelona, Spain

Complete and Robust Magnetic Field Confinement by Superconductors in Fusion Magnets

Ana Akrap

University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Magnetism and band structure of EuCd2As2

Andrea Gauzzi

Sorbonne University, France

High-Tc superconductivity in strongly overdoped cuprates

Andrei Zaikin

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Flux cotunneling and Coulomb drag for quantum phase slips

Andrey Vasenko

HSE University, Russia

Superconducting diode phase in diffusive topological hybrid structures

Anna Semisalova

University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Laterally patterned embedded magnetic nanostructures in Fe60Al40

Anna Palau

ICMAB, Spain

Nano-Engineered High-Temperature Superconductors and Hybrid Systems for Energy-Efficient Functional Devices

Arsen Goukassov

CEA, France

Polarized Neutron Diffraction: A Key Tool to Probe Spin Density and Local Anisotropy in Molecular Based Magnets

Artem Litvinenko

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

A Spinwave Time-Multiplexed Ising Machine

Assa Auerbach

Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Hall map and breakdown of Fermi liquid theory in the vicinity of the Mott phase of cuprates

Atsushi Fujimori

University of Tokyo, Japan-National Tsing Hua University,Taiwan

Electron fractionalization in the pseudogap state of cuprates detected by RIXS

Benoit Truc

EPFL, Switzerland

The importance of electronic excitations in the generation of hidden phases in Magnetite

Boris Spivak

University of Washington, USA

Debye Mechanism of Giant Dissipation in Superconductors

Byong-Guk Park

Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, Korea

Reduced Field-Free Spin-Orbit Torque Switching Using Out-of-Plane Spin-Polarized Spin Current

Carlo Di Castro

University of Rome Sapienza, Italy

New quantum criticality for the strange metal and Planckian behavior in high temperature superconductors

Carlo Trugenberger

SwissScientific Technologies SA, Switzerland

Protection by Infinite Symmetry and the Phases of 2D Charged Bosons: When Anderson Localization Fails

Cesare Franchini

University of Vienna, Austria

Janh-Teller polaron in a spin-orbit multipolar magnetic oxide

Chiheng Dong

CAS, China

Superconductivity and thermal stability of Ba1-xKxFe2As2 composite wires and tapes

Christelle Kadlec

Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Determination of the Vortex Mass in High-Temperature Superconductors Using THz Circularly Polarized Light

Claire Donnelly

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Germany

Tuning domain wall behaviour in three dimensional nanostructures

Daniel Wolf

IFW Dresden, Germany

High-spatial-resolution magnetic-vector-field imaging and tomography with electrons

Daniele Torsello

Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Vortex pinning by particle irradiation induced defects

Danko Radic

University of Zagreb, Croatia

Magnetic Field – Assisted Charge Stripes

Dariusz Kaczorowski

Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

On the hunt for topological superconductors: high-spin superconductivity

Davor Tolj

EPFL, Switzerland

Murunskite: A New Class of Functional Material

Denis Sheka

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

Curvilinear magnetism: fundamentals and perspectives

Denis Sunko

University of Zagreb, Croatia

Ionic effects in cuprates: from Fermi arcs to superconductivity

Denys Makarov

HCDR, Germany

Geometrically curved, skin-conformal and self-healable magnetoelectronics

Dieter Suter

Technical University Dortmund, Germany

Electronic and nuclear spins in wide-bandgap semiconductors as qubits: characterization and quantum control

Dirk Grundler

EPFL, Switzerland

Experiments and Simulations on Spin Dynamics in Magnetochiral Nanotubes and Ferromagnetic 3D Nanonetworks

Emil Bozin

Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA

High-Temperature Polaronic Lattice Distortions and Charge Ordering in 1T-TaS2

Emile Fourneau

University Liége, Belgium

Microscale Metasurfaces for On-chip Magnetic Flux Concentration

Enrico Silva

University Roma Tre, Italy

Vortex motion in FeSeTe thin films at microwave frequencies: anisotropy, flux-flow, pinning and effect of irradiation

Eundeok Mun

Simon Frasier University, Canada

Ferromagnetic Cluster-glass Behavior in Kondo Lattice System

Evgeni Il'ichev

Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, Germany

Superconducting NbN thin films - properties and applications

Filip Kadlec

Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

THz-field-induced Transient Magnetization in the Quantum Paraelectric Diamagnet KTaO3

Frank Marsiglio

University of Alberta, Canada

High-Pressure Hydrides and Electron-phonon Superconductivity: questions about the Experiments and questions about the Theory

Fumitake Kametani


Major causes degrading the grain boundary connectivity in K-doped Ba122 Fe-based superconductors

Gaku Eguchi

University of Vienna, Austria

Weyl Kondo semimetals and their relation to other topological states

Gang Cao

University of Colorado Boulder, USA


Giacomo Sala

ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Orbital Torque and Orbital Magnetoresistance in 3d Transition Metals

Hassnain Abbas Khan

KAUST, Saudi Arabia

High pressure dynamics: Shock waves effect on material properties at nanoscale

Igor Bogush

Moldova State University, Republic of Moldova

Frequency-locking in Superconducting Nanotubes and Nanoribbons under Modulated Transport Current and Magnetic Field

Igor Herbut

Simon Fraser University, Canada

Time-reversal-symmetry-breaking in multiband superconductors, with and without inversion

Ilya Eremin

Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

Non-Hermitian PT symmetric Ising spin chains: novel quantum phases and quantum phase transitions

Irina Bobkova

ISSP, Chernogolovka, Russia

Proximity effect at superconductor/antiferromagnet interfaces

Ivan Skorvanek

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia

Ultra-Rapidly Annealed High-Bs Fe(Co)-Based Soft Magnetic Nanocrystalline Alloys for Applications at Elevated Temperatures

Izabela Biało

University of Zurich, Switzerland

Anomalous magnetic excitations in the half-filled Tl-based cuprate

Jacek Cwik

Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research PAS, Poland

Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties in low temperature ordered Laves Phase compounds

Jacques Noudem


MgB2 bulk superconductor processed by Spark plasma synthesis and sintering

Jaeyong Kim

Hanyang University, South Korea

Structures and Transport Properties of High-Z metals under High Pressure of Hydrogen

Jimin Zhao

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Ultrafast Dynamics of Topological Semimetals: From Weyl Node Annihilation to Topological Phase Transition

Jinguang Cheng

Institute of Physics, China

Pressure-induced superconductivity in the KMn6Bi5 and EuTe2

Joachim Deisenhofer

University of Augsburg, Germany

Magnetization reversal through an antiferromagnetic state

Joris van de Vondel

KU Leuven, Belgium

Nanobridge SQUIDs as multilevel memory elements

Juergen Haase

University of Leipzig, Germany

How pressure enhances the Tc of cuprate superconductors

Jun Kishine

The Open University of Japan, Japan

Theoretical approach to Chirality-Induced Spin Selectivity

Junji Haruyama

Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

Novel creation methods of 2D topological insulating states on atomically thin layers

Kab-Jin Kim

Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, Korea

Universality in Thermally-Activated Current-Driven Skyrmion Motion

Kaveh Lahabi

Leiden University, Netherlands

The Unusual Nature of Spin-triplet Supercurrents in Geometrically Curved Josephson Junctions

Katsuya Inoue

Hiroshima University, Japan

Chirality and Topology of Spin System

Kazuhiro Kajikawa

Sanyo-Onoda City University, Japan

Development of Superconducting Level Sensors for Liquid Hydrogen with MgB2 Wires

Kirill Pervakov

Lebedev Physical Institute, Russia

SnAs-based Topological and Superconducting Materials and Heterostructures

Kota Hanzawa

Tokyo Inst. of Technology, Japan

Highly Hydrogen-Substituted 1111-Type SmFeAsO Epitaxial Films: Fabrication and Superconducting Properties

Kunio Awaga

Nagoya University, Japan

Rational construction of molecular assemblies with strong isotropy and their physicochemical properties

Laszlo Forro

University of Notre Dame, USA


Leonardo Degiorgi

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Optical Fingerprints of the Electronic Band Reconstruction in van der Waals Magnetic Materials

Lluís Mañosa

University of Barcelona, Spain

Cross-coupling contribution to the multicaloric effect in magnetic materials.

Ludwig Holleis

UC Santa Barbara, USA

Ising Superconductivity in Bernal Bilayer Graphene with Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling

Luis M. Moreno-Ramírez

Sevilla University, Spain


Malte Grosche

University of Cambridge, UK

Superconductivity beyond the Pauli limit in high-pressure CeSb2

Masashi Miura

Seikei Univ., Japan


Massimiliano Polichetti

University of Salerno, Italy

The role of the pinning crossover in the non-monotonic magnetic behaviors of type-II superconductors

Maria Cristina Diamantini

University of Perugia, Italy

Topological Gauge Theories of Josephson Junction Arrays

Maria A. H. Vozmediano

Materials Science Institute of Madrid, Spain

The Effective Curvature Induced Gauge Fields

‪Maxen Cosset-Cheneau

University of Groningen, Netherlands

Non-Collinear Spin Transport and Spin-Charge Interconversion in Ferromagnetic Materials

Mateusz Zelent

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

Dynamics of magnetization in chiral magnetization textures

Matjaz Gomilsek

Jožef Stefan Institute and University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Quantum Muon Effects in Solids and Frustrated Magnets

Michael Huth

Goethe University, Germany

Simulation of direct-write fabrication with focused electron beams for 3D nanoarchitectures

Michal Staňo

CEITEC, Czech Republic

Magnetic Force and Spin-sensitive Electron Microscopies of CoNiB Nanotubes

Mikhail Otrokov

IKERBASQUE, Basque Foundation for Science, Basque, Spain

Current status in the field of the intrinsic magnetic topological insulators of the MnBi2Te4 family

Milan Allan

Leiden University, Netherlands

The breakdown of superconductivity in quantum materials

Ming Shi

Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

Rich Nature of Van Hove Singularities in Kagome Superconductor CsV3Sb5

Minoru Mitsumi

Okayama University of Science, Japan

Dynamically Appeared Mixed-Valence State Observed in One-dimensional (1D) Rhodium(I)–Dioxolene Complex

Motomi Aoki

Kyoto University, Japan

Observation of charge-to-spin conversion in ferromagnets by means of spin-orbit torque

Muralidhar Miryala

Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan


Nadeem Qaiser

KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Micromechanics of Advanced Electronics Applications: Numerical and Experimental Perspective

Naëmi Leo

University of Zaragoza, Spain

Artificial Chiral Nanostructures for Topological Control of Magnetism: 3D Nanofabrication and X-ray Imaging

Nandini Trivedi

The Ohio State University, USA


Naveen Chogondahalli Muniraju

Institute of Physics, Croatia

Two electron subsystems in cuprates characterized by optical spectroscopy

Nicola Pompeo

Roma Tre University, Italy

Vortex pinning at High Frequencies in Superconductors: a Comparative Study

Oleg Astafiev

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia

Experimental demonstration of AC coherent quantum phase slip effect

Oleg Tretiakov

The University of New South Wales, Australia

Nucleation and Dynamics of Chiral Solitons in Topological Materials

Oleksandr Pylypovskyi

HCDR, Germany

Local and Nonlocal Effects of Geometry in Curvilinear Magnetic Nanoarchitectures

Pavel Maksimov

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia

Kitaev model in the easy-plane limit: quantum effects and exotic states

Pavel Diko

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia

The influence of doping on the structure and properties of bulk single-grain GdBCOAg superconductors

Philippe Vanderbemden

University of Liege, Belgium

Magnetic Shields of Various Shapes Combining Bulk Superconductors and Tapes

Pierre Bernstein


The Role of Surface Barriers in the Magnetic Levitation of Superconductors

Prasanna Ghalsasi

The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India

Molecular Chirality and Magnetism

Puru Jena

Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Magnetism at the Nanoscale

Ricardo Lopez Anton

University of Castilla - La Mancha, Spain

Kondo-like Behavior and GMR Effect in Co-Cu Granular Alloys and Multilayers

Rudolf Schaefer

IFW Dresden, Germany

Magneto-Optics, Revisited

Rustem Khasanov

Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

Charge density order and time-reversal symmetry breaking in CsV3Sb5

Sabri Koraltan

Uni Vienna, Austria

Tension-free Dirac strings and steered magnetic charges in 3D artificial spin ice

Samuel Manas Valero

University of Valencia, Spain

Strain Switching in van der Waals Heterostructures Triggered by a Spin-Crossover Metal–Organic Framework

Sastry Pamidi


HTS Devices and Cryogenics for Electric Aircraft and Ships

Sawssen Slimani

Uni Genova, Italy

Design magnetic nanostructures for curvilinear magnetism study

Saparboy Rakhmanov

Chirhcik State Pedagogical University, Uzbekistan

Coulomb Impurities in Graphene: Supercritical States of 1D Artificial Relativistic Atom

Sebastian Wintz

Max-Planck-Institut für Intelligente Systeme, Germany

Direct observation of propagating spin waves with large non-reciprocity

Sergei Mukhin


Possible Manifestations of Q-ball Mechanism of High Tc Superconductivity in X-ray Diffraction and Diamagnetic Response

Sergey Grigoriev

PNPI - NRC KI (Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute of NRC Kurchatov Institute), Russia

Effect of magnitude and sign of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction on magnetic structure in helimagnets Fe_{1 – x}Co_{x}Si and Fe_{1 – x}Co_{x}Ge

Sergey Ovchinnikov

L.V. Kirensky Institute of Physics, Russia

Temperature and doping dependent short range antifferomagnetic order and pseudogap formation in hole-doped cuprates

Sergey Streltsov

Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Are cobaltites Kitaev materials?

Sherjeel Khan

Silicon Austria Labs GmbH, Austria

Printed energy harvesters and storage devices for sensors and wearables

Shiv J. Singh

Institute of High Pressure Physics (UNIPRESS), Poland

High-pressure growth and physical properties of iron-based superconductors: 1111 and 1144

Shunsuke Fukami

Tohoku University, Japan

Current-induced control of noncollinear antiferromagnetic Mn3Sn

Siham Benhabib

EPFL, Switzerland

Light-induced Lifshitz transition in HTSC cuprates

Stephan Rachel

The University of Melbourne, Australia

Braiding of Majorana Zero Modes in Topological Superconductors

Svetoslav Stankov

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Phonon Confinement and Spin-Phonon Interaction in Strained Thin EuO Films

Sungkyun Park

Pusan National University, South Korea

Origin of Residual Ferromagnetic State in FeRh Film below the Transition Temperature

Stanislaw Dubiel

AGH University of Science & Technology, Poland

Effect of Magnetism on Lattice Dynamics

Taegeun Song

Kongju National University, South Korea


Takashi Mizokawa

Waseda University, Japan

Spin-charge-orbital orderings in transition-metal oxides with negative charge-transfer energy

Tair Karabassov

HSE,Moscow, Russia

Effects of a helical state on the dynamic properties of the topological superconducting systems

Tatiana Kuzmicheva

Lebedev Physical Institute, Russia

Crystal Growth, Magnetotransport Properties, and Tunneling Spectroscopy of Alkali Metal Based Na(Fe,Co)As Pnictides

Thibaut Jonckheere

CNRS, France

Anyonic physics in the Fractional Quantum Hall effect studied with the Hong-Ou-Mandel dip for fractional excitations

Thore Posske

University of Hamburg, Germany

Artificial atomic structures on superconductors for engineering quantum states: Theoretical insights

Tsuyoshi Tamegai

The University o Tokyo, Japan

Anomalous Peak Effects in Iron-based Superconductors with Columnar Defects

Tsuyoshi Takami

Kyoto University, Japan

Pressure-induced Partial Disorder and Magnetism in Li2MnO3

Toni Shiroka

Laboratorium für Festkörperphysik ETH, Switzerland

Unconventional Superconductivity in Topological Kramers Nodal-line Semimetals

Tonica Valla

Donostia International Physics Center, Spain

High Tc Superconductivity: The Endgame and Beyond

Toshinori Ozaki

Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan

Prominent Performance of FeSe0.5Te0.5 Thin Films Produced by Low-energy Ion Irradiation

Tuson Park

Sungkyunkwna University, South Korea

Charge delocalization in the quantum critical superconductor CeRhIn5

Valentin Irkhin

Institute of Metal Physics, Russia

Frustrated magnetism and deconfinement in doped and undoped Mott insulators

Valentin Taufour

University of California Davis, USA

Topology Enabled Unconventional Superconductivity in a Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking Bulk Superconductor

Valery Ryazanov

ISSP, Chernogolovka, Russia

Nonequilibrium and spin phenomena in hybrid superconductor-ferromagnet structures.

Vivek Amin

Indiana University, USA

Unconventional Spin-Orbit Torques in Ferromagnetic Trilayers

Vladimir Pudalov

Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

A Puzzle of Negative Magnetoresistance in Layered AFM Topological Semimetal EuSn2As2

Wolfgang Belzig

University of Konstanz, Germany

Magnetic field-induced mirage gap and singlet-triplet mixing in Ising superconductors

Xuepeng Qiu

Tongji University, China

Geometric Manipulation of Spin Polarization and Spin Orbit Torque

Yi-feng Yang

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Metallic spin liquid as a fractionalized heavy fermion liquid on frustrated Kondo lattice

Yonathan Anahory

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Direct Observation of a Superconducting Vortex Diode

Yoshi Iwasa

University of Tokyo, Japan

Density controlled BCS-BEC crossover and vortex dynamics in 2D superconductors

Younjung Jo

Kyungpook National University, South Korea

Mapping of magnetic anisotropy for van der Waals magnets

Yue Zhao

Shanghai Jiao Tong University & Shanghai Superconductor Technology

Structure and Flux Pinning of EuBa2Cu3O7-BaHfO3 nano-composite Films Deposited by Ultra-fast Pulse Laser Deposition Technique

Yuichiri Ando

Kyoto University, Japan

Coexistence of low-frequency spin-torque ferromagnetic resonance and unidirectional spin Hall magnetoresistance in spin torque ferromagnetic resonance signals

Yukitoshi Motome

University of Tokyo, Japan

Kitaev magnets as a Majorana platform

Yuri Pashkin

Lancaster University, UK

Controlling Supercurrent by High-Energy Quasiparticles

Yusuke Kato

The University of Tokyo, Japan

Forces on Quantum Vortex in Type II Superconductors

Yusuke Shimada

Tohoku University, Japan

3D Microstructural Observation in MgB2 Polycrystalline Materials

Yury Shukrinov

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia

Magnetic precession control in SFS phi_0 Josephson junction

Zurab Guguchia

Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

Time-reversal symmetry-breaking charge order in a kagome superconductor

Zoran Rukelj

University of Zagreb, Croatia

Magneto-optical transport properties of a semimetal with a Mexican-hat-like valence bands in two and three dimensions